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About Us

We work with businesses of all sizes to create and improve their Internet presence.

From designing, creating and hosting web sites to managing Google advertising and other search engine placement campaigns.

We offer a complete Internet service to ensure your company makes the best use of the Web.

Total Web Solution

We know how confusing it can be for small businesses to create a web presence.

We will help you through all the stages needed to get your business on-line.

We will tell you what you need to do to get your web address registered, give you advice on Google's paid advertising and provide any help you may need.

Modern Responsive Design

Websites need to be mobile friendly. A 'responsive' website will look good on every screen from a mobile phone up to a whopping big desktop screen. So many sites look great on the designer's 30 inch monitor but fail badly when a visitor in the real world tries to view the site on a mobile device.

We test our sites on a large variety of browsers, operating systems and devices to make sure your site looks great for every visitor. To see what we mean by responsive, just shrink this page down as small as you can on your browser - or if you are visiting us on your mobile device you will already have noticed that there is nor sideways scrolling needed, no screen pinching required and you can read all the text and navigate easily.

Consultancy Services

We can offer advice on any IT projects you may be considering. Our services range from free advice on general IT matters right up to full project management roles.

Large consulting firms may try and steer you towards the 'big solution', this is not always the best path for our clients to take, it is always the best solution for the consultancy firms though. We are not interested in 'big solutions' we are much more focussed on the what is best for our clients.

Big is not always better! Of course there are times when the 'big solution' is the only way to go, and we will advise our clients accordingly, but we will always say what we think is best for our clients not what will earn us the most money.

We can provide consultancy services from half a day, if you are based in the South West of England then usually there are no travel/accommodation expenses involved, if you are further afield then we will let you know exactly how much our services will cost you. A half-day meeting with us may save you a lot of money!

Support and Advice

We are always contactable by phone or email, 24/7 365 days a year and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response to client enquiries. We will be happy to offer advice on any IT related questions you may have. If your enquiry can be answered simply then we will make no charge for this, if not we will give you a quote for our consultancy services.

We fully support all our client's websites, we ensure that regular backups are taken and stored in different locations - all your eggs in one basket is very risky. If a disaster does happen then we will be ready to re-install your site on a new server as soon as is practically possible.

West Country Location

We are based in Sherborne, Dorset. If your company is based in Yeovil, Sherborne or anywhere in Dorset or Somerset we will usually be happy to come to your premises and have a chat about your Internet or IT requirements. We deal with companies throughout the UK and Europe, usually via email, please ask for a quote if you want us to make a site visit outside of the West Country, UK, Europe & Worldwide.

Web Hosting

When we build a new site for you we can provide web-hosting at a reasonable cost or your site if you need it, or of course we can install your website on your own web host's server. We will take care of all the boring techy stuff like backups and disaster management so if our fantastically reliable server company goes wobbly we will always have an up to date backup ready to be installed on a new server. You get piece of mind and don't have to mess around with all that nasty server management.

Once you have registered your site and pointed your domain to our servers we will make the magic happen. Most clients just give us their login details from their domain registrar and we do all the domain pointing for them. Don't worry about all this technical stuff, everything will be explained to you in plain non-techy English.

About This Site

The pages on this site heve been designed using the very wonderful Bootstrap framework. For clients wanting a fairly static website this is the way to go. For very dynamic sites with lots of news and articles then we use WordPress, and you can see an example of our WordPress development at our other (dotcom) home page.

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