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A Pinterest style page, this sort of design could be used for company information, news posts and would have many other interesting uses!


We use and recommend the Bootstrap framework for many of our client's projects.

Bootstrap easily and efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive Website design is THE big ticket item at the moment. Websites need to be mobile friendly, they need to look good and function as expected on all devices from mobile phones right up to 30 inch desktop screens

We test every page of all our web design projects using Google's Mobile Friendly Testing, to ensure they meet the required standards.


WordPress is a massively powerful framework, ideal for clients who want to create a fast-moving dynamic News based website or a site that needs regular updating. Online e-Commerce site, Blogs, News sites are all perfect candidates for Wordpress.

Setting up and running a WordPress site can be challenging, but we can help! We will provide unbiased advice and competitive quotes for all your Internet or IT requirements.

Expert Advice

We can offer advice on any IT projects you may be considering. Our services range from free advice on general IT matters right up to full project management roles.

We can provide consultancy services from half a day, if you are based in the South West of England then usually there are no travel or accommodation expenses involved, if you are further afield then we will let you know exactly how much our services will cost you. A half-day meeting with us may save you a lot of money!

Taking Care

We take care of your Internet investment while you get on with doing business! We make sure that a 'Disaster Recovery' plan is in place, if your Internet provider fails then we will have you back up and running quickly. We protect your site against attacks from spammers and hackers. We offer a range of monthly plans from basic hosting right up to fully managed Internet marketing accounts.

While we offer web hosting, we are not resellers, we only hosts our own client's websites to ensure we can offer the absolute best service possible.

Legal Images

Everybody wants the best looking websites with the best quality images. We have a vast collection of Licensed images we have purchased and royalty free images that we use on our client's sites. Don't wait for the knock on the door from a solicitor demanding money for using unlicensed images on your site!


Everybody wants to get to the top of the Google ladder. Many rogues and sharks will tell you that they can get you there - they can not, sorry. There are many things that can be done to ensure Google and the other search engines treat your site favourably and we will explain these too you when we quote for your website development.

We ensure all our sites pass every Google Mobile Friendly test, when relevant our code will pass all the W3C validations tests. We can advise on Google PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and if required manage these campaigns for you.

About This Site

The pages on this site heve been designed using the very wonderful Bootstrap framework. For clients wanting a fairly static website this is the way to go. For very dynamic sites with lots of news and articles then we use WordPress, and you can see an example of our WordPress development at our other (dotcom) home page.

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