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The totally imaginary Hardington Consultancy team! Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media links can be added to your staff, football team, political party profiles.

Our dream team of Nelson Mandela, Steve Wozniak, Tim Berners Lee and Albert Einstein would make us the Carlsberg of IT Consultancies, but we think we probably are that already!

This page is just another example page showing how effective a clean modern design can be.

We like larger fonts, they make your pages easier to read, we like emphasised parts of text to draw attention to important section. Let us know what you like and we will make it happen.

Our Team

Nelson Mandela

Public Relations

President of South Africa from 1994 to 1990.

Steve Wozniak

Code Monkey

Tech. genius who co-founded Apple.

Tim Berners-Lee

Internet Inventor

Invented Internet so we could provide great websites.

Albert Einstein

Clever Bloke

Genius scientist,and champion of human rights.

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